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Electrical Safety Standard :
Purpose :
This Standard defines the principles of Electrical Safety which are to be applied to establish, sustain and improve systems, practices and procedures. Application of these Principles will reduce electrical incidents and exposure of personnel to electrical hazards.
This Standard is being the benchmark for the management and auditing of electrical safety leading indicators.

Scope :
The Principles defined in this Standard are to be applied and practiced at all execution sites.

Definitions :
PPE - Personnel Protective Equipment
Electrical Safety Principles and Requirements :

Electrical Safety Objective :

Principle - The only acceptable standard of performance is that there are no electrical safety
incidents - 'our goal is zero'

Requirement :
Every employee and contractor on the site must recognise and accept:
  • All electrical safety procedures and directives must be followed
  • All accidents can and must be avoided. 'Our goal is zero
  • To achieve the goal of zero, openness in discussion and incident reporting is essential

Managing Electrical Safety :

Principle - Management at all levels shall recognise and understand the unique hazards of electrical facilities

Requirement :
All levels of management shall:
  • Be aware of the hazards and the possible consequences of electrical incidents
  • Be aware of the statutory requirements that they have responsibility for as supervisors
  • Have an understanding of the electrical equipment and systems in their are

Principle - Site management is responsible for electrical safety

Requirement :
Site managers shall recognise and accept:
  • Their responsibility for electrical safety of all the people who work on their site
  • Electrical safety is 'good business' as it reduces accidents and incidents, equipment damage, improves plant availability and increases workforce morale

Principle - Each site shall have a management system for electrical safety and all work shall be performed to the requirements of this system

Requirement :
The site electrical safety management system shall:
  • Manage and audit compliance to the Statutory requirements and company standards
  • Minimise exposure to electrical hazards for electrical personnel
  • Eliminate exposure to electrical hazards for non-electrical personnel
  • Establish and support a site electrical safety team
  • Link the site electrical safety team to the client network
  • Recognised hazards are addressed in job plans and procedures

Principle - Electrical safety resources company wide shall be leveraged to provide 'best practice' in electrical safety performance

Requirement :
  • All site electrical safety teams shall freely and openly share electrical safety information, initiatives and experiences with other electrical safety teams

Competency of People :

Principle - All people who supervise or perform work on or adjacent to electrical equipment shall be accredited as competent for the role to be undertaken

Requirement :
Systems and procedures shall be implemented to ensure:
  • Personnel receive training and are competent in recognising and managing electrical hazards
  • Personnel know how to use the electrical safety standards, guidelines, systems and procedures
  • Work involving electrical hazards is carried out only by qualified personnel who are competent and authorised to do the work
  • Training is documented

Process and Equipment :

Principle - New and existing equipment shall be designed, installed, commissioned, operated, maintained and de-commissioned in accordance with the prevailing regulations and recognised best practice

Requirement :
Systems and procedures shall be in place to:
  • Minimise exposure of electrical personnel to electrical hazards due to the process and equipment through appropriate design, installation, maintenance and operation of plant and equipment
  • Eliminate exposure of non-electrical personnel to electrical hazards due to the process and equipment through appropriate design, installation, maintenance and operation of plant and equipment
  • Manage the selection, use and maintenance of tools, test equipment and PPE of electrical personnel
  • Ensure documentation necessary to identify and isolate electrical hazards is accurate and readily accessible
  • Ensure design changes and/or field modifications are reviewed, documented, communicated and authorised
  • Ensure that appropriate PPE is provided, maintained, inspected and used
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